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Eileen Healy, Lean, 2014, pastels on paper, 65 cm x 55 cm

Eileen Healy’s drawing practice centres on the communicative potentials of the figure. Working with her collaborators and natural light, Eileen generates studies in form and gesture from situations in life. Possessed of a deep sensuality of line, her process is one of intuition and keen observation. Her line is one that attracts us to the representational force of drawing summoning a compulsion to look and explore her iterations of the figure. This is complemented by her sensitivity to the emotions and internal states of her collaborators. Eileen’s practice is a celebration of the study of bodily presence and its expressive possibilities.

Eileen has shown extensively including exhibitions at: Crawford Art Gallery; Students League New York; Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery; Lavit Gallery; Miriam Bailey Gallery; and Blue Leaf Gallery. Her works feature in various public and private collections including: The Office of Public Works, University College Cork, and Crawford Gallery. Eileen is a life drawing tutor at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and is also a member of the Backwater Artists Group.